Puls iPhone Repair Review (2020)

Puls iPhone Repair Review (2020)

As you were hurriedly dressing up, you dropped your iPhone and the screen shattered or some kind of vertical line on it.You are worried sick because you have no warranty and are broke to the core? You suck up and drive a whole hour to an Apple store, queue for another 3 hours only to be told you will have to leave for your iPhone for a couple of days as they are short of replacement screens. You drive back home for another 2  hours as you had to spend an hour stuck on traffic. You get home sad having missed an important work meeting because you were hoping you will be back on time for it. But it took you nearly 6 hours to sort your phone which you still didn’t come back with. 

Can you relate? I bet so.

What If I told you there is a better option out there that will take away all that hassle. Puls is a start-up based in San Francisco but spread across major cities in the U.S. Its model is designed to take away the hassle and stress of having to wait in long ques for several hours just to get your iPhone repaired. 

Here’s how Puls work

Their business model is pretty interesting, you don’t go to them but they come to you and fix your phone right where you are, be it at your home, office, gym, or wherever. So convenient, right?

All you have to do is book a repair appointment with them through their site puls.com then select your device, model, and color. Input your zip code, select a time slot convenient for you, and leave your contact your information. They will then contact you within an hour and a technician will come to you. They are very time-conscious so be keen on timing as well.

Puls are available for work 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm. So if you broke your iPhone’s screen on Friday night, you don’t have to stay a whole weekend without a phone. You can have it fixed on Saturday morning.


The devices they repair

Puls is equipped to repair common problems such as screen replacement, battery replacements, and screen repairs from iPhone 6s and up. 

Their prices are pretty reasonable. For a screen repair, you can expect to pay anywhere between $69 to $109 plus local tax. The best part about them is that they offer a lifetime guarantee on their repairs. Something most repair shops don’t include.

Pros of using Puls

  • Costs way cheaper than Applestore 
  • Services are super fast
  • Convenient door to door services.
  • Longer and better warranty than Apple’s


  • Using Puls may make your warranty void


Final take

The biggest headache about having a damaged iPhone is not getting it fixed but how long it may take you to get it fixed. The many hours it will take you to drive to and from either the Apple store or any other repair kiosk, the waiting in line, the cost and the uncertainty of when your phone will actually be fixed.  But with Puls, you don’t have to worry about any of these. You can have your phone back in even just an hour and the best part is that you don’t have to take time away from your schedule. The technician will come right where you are.

Their technicians are certified, time conscious, and have great customer service. Puls runs a very comprehensive background check on them so you don’t have to worry about letting them in your home. 

Try Puls today and you will be impressed by their affordability and convenience. Many have been.

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