iPhone is a very good phone, but when the screen is cracked things change, in this guide you learn everything you should know about iPhone screen replacement because its necessary to know what quality screen to get if you can repair the phone yourself, etc. because gettings the same quality screen as the previous one before it cracked can be a challenge.

OEM vs Aftermarket iPhone screen

There are various quality of iPhone screen replacement on the market, OEM screens and aftermarket replacement

OEM refurbished iPhone screen replacement

This type of iPhone screen is when a previous cracked screen was brought to life again by changing only the front glass, what we mean, sometimes when your iPhone screen is cracked its only the front glass has been damaged, there some machine on the market that can help a technician to just swap the cracked glass to a new glass and make this old entire screen new again.

AfterMarket iPhone screen Replacement

Other than Apple, some Chinese manufacturers produce iPhone screen, these screens are not the same quality as apple, you can find some difference in color like some can be brighter than others, one major difference for some people is the price, some people prefer cheap price and don’t care for quality, they want to make sure only their phone is working, they can read a text, navigate the internet, etc.

Where to buy OEM or Aftermarket iPhone screen replacement

You can buy a good iPhone screen offline and online, but the most important things are to make sure you get the right quality when going to repair shop, they can carry all the type of screens make sure you specify which type you want, better quality like OEM refurbished is more expensive than the aftermarket ones.

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