How much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen in 2020

Looking to repair your broken iPhone screen and don’t know the cheapest option to choose? you are in the right place, below are 3 different options you can choose

Different iPhone repair options

Door to door Service : Puls offers iPhone Repair service, you can go to their website to hire a technician to come and repair your iPhone on your schedule.

Apple Store: if you are under apple care warranty you can still go to them to get your iPhone screen repaired with a brand new original screen for $29 if you don’t have apple care this repair can cost you from $149 to $169.

Third-party Shop: get it done by going to a third-party repair shop if you cant afford apple $149 or $169 repair like we said above these shop would have a different type of screen available to choose from, if you want to, before going to them you can buy your OEM screen online and bring it to them, you repair cost will be less.

Self Repair: You can choose to replace your own iPhone screen, all you need is to buy the screen online, get it shipped to you and watch some YouTube videos, follow instructions take your times and make your repair, when do it your self you save some money, you don’t have to pay someone only the cost for the new iPhone screen.

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