XS and XS Max Screen Replacements

If your iPhone XS and XS max screen have unfortunately been broken, and you are looking for the best replacements, you are in the right article. Here we will review 3 best screen replacements for iPhone XS and XS max and guide you about replacing iPhone XS and XS max screen within a few minutes.

Photo Title Price Buy
for iPhone Xs Max LCD Screen Replacement Screen Touch, LCD Display Digitizer Assembly Touch Screen and Frame, Repair Tool Kit with Tempered Glass (Black) $128.00
WEERSHUN for iPhone Xs OLED [NOT LCD] Screen Replacement 5.8 inch, 3D Touch Display Digitizer Assembly Compatible with Model A1920, A2097, A2098,A2099, A2100
Original - Replacement Screen Repair Front Outer Top Glass Lens Cover for iPhone Xs Max 6.5 inch Mobile Phone Parts and Adhesive Tools (No LCD and Touch Digitizer) (Black) $16.80

We tell you the options that you have at your disposal, their prices and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. The screen is one of the most fragile components of our smartphone and can be easily cracked or broken in case of a fall or accidental impact.


1.  iPhone XS MAX LCD Screen Replacement

iPhone XS MAX LCD Screen Replacement is the best screen replacement option for your broken or damaged screen mobile. You can also use it, if your mobile screen is not working properly or facing colour issues. It is really important to switch the home button from the crashed one to the new one, with a fingerprint sensor, front-facing camera, earpiece speaker and silver metal LCD shield cover.

According to the manufacturer, every screen replacement part was professionally tested before shipment to maintain standards. It comes with a Tool Kit that you can use while changing the mobile screen. It also provides Tempered Glass, which is very useful for new screen replacement. Overall, it is a good option and provides sharp and brilliant colours.


  • Free Tempered Glass
  • Tool Kit included
  • Good Colours
  • Easy to install


High Price

2.   WEERSHUN for iPhone XS Screen Replacement

WEERSHUN for iPhone XS Screen Replacement is a new product for iPhone. You can use this replacement if your screen is damaged or facing issues and it cannot work properly. It is compatible with both different iPhone XS. models such as iPhone XS A1920, A2097, A2098, A2099, and A2100.

According to the manufacturer, it provides bright and sharp colours, and all the parts are tested before shipment. But unfortunately, you cannot find any repair tool kit or any tempered glass for better protection.


  • Sharp Colours
  • Compatible
  • Screen protector
  • Tool kit


  • High Price

3.   Original replacement Screen Front Glass Lens Cover for iPhone XS Max

If your iPhone XS max screen is broken or damaged and you are looking for the best screen replacement, then this Original Replacement Screen for iPhone XS Max is the best option. This item is a front glass lens for iPhone XS max, rather than a touch digitizer or LCD assembly screen.

The package does not include the touch digitizer; flex cable, and LCD Display Panel. If you are looking for a touch digitizer or LCD assembly screen, it is not a good option. If you are planning to change this front lens glass, you must read our replacing guide. According to the manufacturer you need very high skills to replace this product if you make any mistake it breaks suddenly.


  • Test model
  • No tool kit
  • Good material
  • Average Price


  • Only Front Glass Lens


Repairing Guide: How to Replace iPhone XS and XS max screen

If you already buy a screen replacement and look for the best guide to changing the screen, it is very useful for you. For changing iPhone XS or XS max screen, you need a few tools that you can also find online, but most screen replacements come with tool kits or screen protectors. For the installation process, we’ll need the following tools:

  • Heat Gun
  • Plastic pick
  • Tweezers
  • Small tri-wing screwdriver
  • Small flat screwdriver
  • Small screwdriver

The front assembly consists of the frame, the glass digitizer and the LCD screen. You will need to replace the whole front parts if any of these components are broken.

Turn the phone off by pressing power and the Up-volume buttons and confirm the screen’s shutdown. Remove two pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone.

Use a heat gun to warm the adhesive around the edge of the iPhone. Place a suction cup near the bottom edge, and while providing some tension, insert a plastic pick between the display assembly and the main body. Smoothly move the plastic pick around the perimeter, separating the display assembly from the main body. There are cables near the right edge of the phone, and there are hooks at the top edge holding the display assembly. Keeping that in mind, unlatch the top edge and open the phone to the right side.

Now we have access to the connector shields. Using a Tri-wing screwdriver, carefully remove 4 screws securing the large shield. Remove the shield. Next, remove the tri-wing screws securing the smaller connector shield. Remove the shield.


Using a plastic pick, remove the battery connector and turn the lead away. Next, pick open the touch digitizer connector, the LCD connector and the front speaker and sensors connector. Separate the screen assembly from the main body. We will be replacing the waterproofing adhesive, so all of the original adhesives need to be removed from the phone’s edge. Use tweezers to pick out the adhesive from the edge.

Some replacement display assembly does not contain the front speaker and sensors; we will be transferring them from the original display. Remove three tri-wing screws and unfold the speaker. Using a plastic pick, carefully pick out the sensors from its placement and separate the entire garland from the display. There’s a small round gasket underneath that can also be transferred.

Take out the new assembly and transfer the small round gasket. Place the sensors in their appropriate locations, fold over the speaker and replace the three tri-wing screws.

The waterproofing adhesive comes on convenient plastic sheets cut to the shape of the edge of the phone. Remove the backing plastic of the adhesive shape. Apply the shape to the perimeter of the phone, and using a plastic pick, press the adhesive into place. Carefully begin removing the adhesive making sure that it stays on the perimeter of the phone.

Put the new display assembly to the right edge of the phone and reconnect the touch digitizer connector, the LCD connector, then the front speaker and sensors connector. Carefully reconnect the battery connector. The new display can be tested, put the display down and press the power button. The startup graphics appear, and we can shut down the phone.

Replace the small connector shield and secure it with three tri-wing screws. Replace the large connector shield and secure it with 4 tri-wing screws.


To properly close the display, keep the position of the top edge latches in-mind and start by latching the top edge. Then firmly press around the perimeter of the phone, snapping the display assembly in-place.

Replace two pentalobe screws near the lightning connector. Remove the protective film, and now each and everything is done. After replacing the screen, check it several times and also check colours and speakers or sensors.



I hope you completely understand how to change the iPhone XS screen, but if you are still confused, then you can check YouTube for better understanding. If you like this article, then share it with those looking for a new screen replacement for our iPhone.

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