Best iPhone XR Screen Replacement Repair Guide

Best iPhone XR Screen Replacement Repair Guide

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Your iPhone XR fell to the ground, and the screen broke. A problem that sooner or later affects almost all iOS users unfortunately irreparably damages the phone. Don’t panic; everything can be solved easily through different solutions that can put our iPhone’s screen back on its feet as if it had just come out of the box.

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How to do it? There are several methods and solutions. The first, more normal, concerns the cracks of the screen: if your iPhone has fallen but, despite the famous cobwebs, it is still working applied to a hardened glass film.

This will limit the damage by stopping the crack for quite a while and protecting your fingers from any shrapnel (if you’ve already applied one before, make sure the screen is damaged, and in case you keep the one applied).

If you’ve been more unlucky, and after the crash, your iPhone is working but completely unreadable, you’ll need to resort to a full-screen replacement. In this article, we will review the 5 best iPhone XR screen replacements and also guide about how to replace the screen in a few minutes.

Warranty and Apple Care

Does the warranty cover iPhone screen replacement? No, the display break depends on human error and not on a factory defect attributable to Apple; therefore, it is not possible to get discounts or the total gratuitousness of the operation, despite the two-year warranty.

Suppose you chose to activate the Apple Care special warranty when you purchased your iPhone. AppleCare is special insurance applied to all its devices, which can be purchased separately and at varying cost depending on the device: the service includes up to two years of assistance and two interventions for accidental damage, behind a small additional contribution.

The benefits of Apple Care are in addition to the two-year seller’s guarantee under Italian consumer protection law. Under the Consumer Code, consumers are entitled to the retailer to repair or replace products with a compliance defect within 24 months of delivery.

1.   Screenmaster Screen Replacement for iPhone XR

Screenmaster Screen Replacement is the best to screen replacement for iPhone XR on the list. By using this replacement, you can solve the following types of screen problems. It is replaceable with a cracked screen, works perfectly with a broken screen.

If your screen is damaged from one side, replace the screen with this replacement and enjoy the mobile experience once again. It comes with secure packaging and provides sharp images, Ultra Luminance, and accurate Color. It has a Vibrant LCD Display that supports True Tone Functionality.

One best thing about this screen replacement is that every price comes with a Professional 10-in-1 Screwdriver Pry Disassemble Opening Repair Tool Kit. You can also find a glass Protector for securing the screen. According to many buyers, it never delays in touch; its screen is very soft and responsive.


  • Soft Touch
  • Solid colors
  • Tools Kits
  • Include Glass Protector


  • Nothing

2.   Premium Screen Replacement for iPhone XR

If you are looking for an iPhone XR screen replacement with a complete kit, then this Premium Screen Replacement for iPhone XR is another good choice.

The screen replacement comes with a back plate that reduces the risk when you replace it from your old screen. It comes with a 6 months warranty; if you face any problem in 6 months, you can replace it. According to sellers, all the screen models are tested various times to assure that it works perfectly.

It also has step by step and professional instruction that will help you while changing the screen and save you lots of time. It comes with string tempered glass and repairing tools that can help you to change your mobile screen. It provides excellent color and brightness, which is very good as compared to other models.


  • Sharp Colors
  • Tempered glass
  • Tools included
  • 6 months warranty


  • Difficult to close screws

3.   Andy music iPhone Xr LCD Screen Replacement

Andy music iPhone Xr LCD Screen Replacement is also the best option if you want screen replacement at a normal price. You can replace broken, cracked, damaged, and non-functioned LCD displays by using this model. According to manufacturers, all the screen replacements are also tested before the shipment.

The procedure of replacing the screen is difficult as compared to other models because you need to move the fingerprint sensor, the front-facing camera, the earpiece speaker, and the silver medal LCD shield plate from the damaged screen to the new display.

In its package box, you will find professional tools kit and tempered glass, which is very useful for screen replacement and security.


  • Good response time
  • Bright colors
  • Tempered glass
  • Installation kit included


  • Difficult to install


4.   NuFix


NuFix LCD Replacement for Apple iPhone XR is a new model in the market. It is compatible with different models of iPhone XR. You can install this screen replacement by following our replacement guide. NuFix also provides a 90 days free replacement warranty on all our parts, if you face any issue you can replace it within 90 days.

The new LCD screen replacement is made of solid and durable glass and is as sturdy as the original and gives you the same feel and look. All components are tested and examined before shipment to ensure that you obtain only quality parts. The accuracy of all parts is guaranteed by NuFix Canada.


  • 90 days warranty
  • East installation
  • Durable screen material


  • No installation Kit

How to Replace the IPhone XR screen

Here in this section, we will guide you about how to disassemble iPhone XR and replace the screen. To disassemble the iPhone XR, you need the following tools:

  • Screwdriver set
  • Tweezers
  • Opening plastic tool
  • Plastic mediator
  • Suction cup for removing the display

Before disassembling, turn off the iPhone XR and remove the sim card tray. Unscrew two screws near the lightning port. Using a hairdryer, heat the display surface for 1-2 minutes. In this way, the glue heat between the iPhone case and the display will be easier to open the case. Apply the suction cup to the bottom edge of the display and pull up on the ring.


Next, push the plastic mediator between the display and iPhone case. If you cannot do this with a plastic mediator, take any thin plastic card, and insert it between the case and the display, it will be easier to pry with a mediator. Now, evenly and slowly, open the display around the perimeter of the iPhone. IPhone case opens like a book; the display opens to the right side. Using a Tri-Wing screwdriver, unscrew the3 screws and remove the metal panel.

Now you can disconnect the battery cable from the main board. Next, unscrew the 2 screws and remove the second metal panel. Unscrew another 3 screws with a Tri-Wing screwdriver and two screws with a PH00 screwdriver.

Disconnect 3 cables of the display from the main board. Unscrew 3 screws on the speaker and one screw near the light sensors. Open the metal panel that holds the light sensor. Using a plastic opening tool, carefully peel off the speaker cable and proximity sensor. Now take the tweezers and pry the bottom of the light sensor.

If this sensor is damaged, the Face ID will be lost, so special care is required not to damage one of these components during removal and replacement of the display.

First, install the proximity and lighting sensors on the new display. After installing the light sensor, set on top the metal panel. Set speaker and fasten 4 screws. The display module assembled, now you can

Install the display and test how everything works before final assembly with gluing the iPhone case.

For the test, the iPhone connects 3 display cables to the main board and only after that connect the battery cable. Turn over the display and turn ON the iPhone. Check how the phone works and, if everythingIs fine, let’s go to the gluing of the case. Remove the old adhesive tape from the iPhone case. After using the medicine, alcohol wipes the surface of the iPhone case and display module. Take a new adhesive tape and apply it to the case. With this tape, you keep the iPhone waterproof.


Connect 3 display cables to the main board and only after that connect the battery cable. Next, install all panels and fasten screws. Now turn over the display and press the display to the case. Fasten 2 screws near the lightning port. Installing a sim card, and now you can turn on the iPhone.



I hope you completely understand how to replace the iPhone XR screen. After the complete process, check the screw again and check all functions of mobiles. If you like this article then also share with those friends who are looking for a new screen replacement for Iphone.

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