Just bought a used iPhone 8 or your iPhone battery cant hold charge anymore and you are looking to replace it? you got the answer you are looking for, below you will find the top best iPhone 8 and 8 plus battery replacement to stay connected all day, we made our research and verification in selecting only the best and we are sure you will be satisfied after purchasing one of those batteries.

JEMESI iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

This iPhone 8 battery is compatible only with model A1863, A1905, A1906, this is an extended capacity battery with 12% more power than the original that came with your phone, it made from Grade Grade A+++ cells to ensure longer battery life and high-speed and efficient charging.

It is totally brand new 0 Cycle battery that means it’s not made from refurbished/recycled materials, built to last up to 500 charging cycles,the The battery has been tested under strict quality control.

This brand new iPhone 8 Battery replacement is FCC, CE, ISO9001/14001 and RoHS Certified.

According to customers testimonials, this battery can hold charge for a full day.




JEMESI iPhone 8 Plus Replacement battery

This battery is compatible A1864, A1897, and A1898 made from top-rate premium battery cell, built-in smart Chip to prevent from over-charging, over-discharging and over-heating protection and strict quality control standards, CE certified. It come with everything you need to make the repair yourself or to have repair shop do it for you, the battery life is really long and charged up quick. Customers said they are very satisfied with this new replacement for their iPhone 8 Plus.




What is the best iPhone 8 series battery brand to buy?

Click here to discover the top quality battery brand you can buy for your iPhone 8 and 8 plus

it’s possible to self replace your iPhone 8/8plus battery?

Yes you can replace your own battery by watching youtube videos.. this is a cost effective way to repair your iPhone.

How much a battery for iPhone 8/8 plus really cost?

Battery for iPhone 8/8plus price depend on what way you choose to repair your phone.

do it your self, you buy the battery from online shop price between $15-$30

It’s free when you are under apple care otherwise $49 for apple to do it.

Third-party repair shop will charge you around $50-80$ depend on the quality battery they provide.

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