Best iPhone 8 plus Screen Replacement Repair Guide

Best iPhone 8 plus Screen Replacement Repair Guide

Apple iPhone 8 Screen Repair

Your Apple iPhone 8 plus fell to the ground, and now the screen is broken. The touch screen no longer works as before, and LCD has also broken crystals. Don’t despair, on this page, you will find the best iPhone 8 plus screen replacement and also guide you on how to repair your Apple iPhone8 Plus smartphone.

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Brinonac Screen Replacement for iPhone 8 Plus 5.5 inch LCD Digitizer Touch Screen LCD Replacement Screen Frame Assembly Full Set with Tools and Screen Protector (White) $27.95
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Requesting the screen repair of the iPhone 8 broken screens directly to the apple store can be a very expensive request. If your iPhone 8 mobile phone with the broken screen is no longer in warranty, there are cheaper solutions to lower the price of repair.

The fall damage can include 3 types of repair: only broken glass, LCD and broken liquid crystals, glass, and split LCDs. If you have decided to save money and lower the price of repairing your broken screen, the advice is to follow this short guide and read the complete guide.

1.   Sundrawy iPhone 8 plus Screen Replacement

If you are looking for the best screen replacement for Iphone 8 plus with an assembly kit, this sundrawy iPhone 8 plus screen replacement is the best option. It is only compatible with iPhone 8 plus; you cannot use this replacement with other models.

If your mobile screen is cracked or dead, you can use this replacement to solve all these types of problems. If the screen is facing any colour problems or some part of the screen is damaged, in this case, it is also a very useful model. It comes with a replacement screen assembly and repairs tools, which are very important for replacing this screen. They also provide you free tempered screen protector for better screen protection.

You cannot find any sensor, home button, earpiece speaker, or front camera assembly in this screen replacement. You need to use original parts with these screen replacements. According to manufacture, all the models are tested and then shipped to users. It also provides you with a 6-month free replacement warranty, which means if you face any problem, you can immediately replace it.


  • Repair tools included
  • Free screen protector
  • Sharp Screen Colors
  • 6-month warranty


  • Not work with other models


2.  LSD iPhone 8 plus Screen Replacement

LSD iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement is another good choice on this list for your broken mobile. It comes in white colour and is compatible with iPhone 8 plus models. This screen replacement provides sharp and clear images and colours which look like the original screen. If you’re facing an issue that your mobile screen is not working properly, you can replace it with this replacement. It is best for a damaged screen or broken screens.


Unfortunately, you cannot find the front camera, earpiece or home button with models; while replacing this screen replacement, you need too due to the old screen button. You can easily install this model after reading our installation guide. According to manufacturers, all the pieces are tested before shipment for better feedback.

They also provide a 1-year replacement warranty; if you face any problem in screen replacement, you can contact customer support; they will provide you a new replacement screen. You will also find repair tools and glass screen protectors for better screen repeating or protection in this box.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Clear images
  • Easily installation
  • Free Repair tools


  • No home button


3.  Premium Screen Replacement for iPhone 8 Plus

If you are looking for the best screen replacement that comes with a complete installation guide, then this Premium Screen Replacement for iPhone 8 plus is a good option for you. It comes with repairing tools and screen protectors for the protection of your new screen. It is only compatible with iPhone 8 plus 5.5 inches models; you cannot use it with A1864, A1897, or any other models.


All the replacement pieces are tested before shipping, which means you will never face any problem, but if you face any problem on screen, you can replace it by contacting customer support because it comes with a 6 months warranty. This replacement screen comes without the Ear Speaker, Front Camera, Proximity Sensor and Home Button, which means you need to change them from your old screen.


  • Installation guide
  • Repairing tools
  • Screen protectors
  • Bright colors


  • No sensors



4.  FFtopv iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement

FFtopv iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement is another good option, and it is compatible with different iPhone 8 plus models such as A1784/A1785/A1661. It comes with repair Tools kit and screen Waterproof glue, which are very useful while changing the screen.

According to the manufacturing company, all screens are tested before shipping to guarantee 100% functionality. It does not come with a power button, front camera, volume button and front camera cables and a speaker earpiece. You need to use old parts while changing the screen. Overall it is a good option if you are looking for different models.


  • Tested
  • Tools kit
  • Good quality
  • Easy to install


High Price


5.  LCD iPhone 8 plus LCD Screen Replacement

If you are looking for a low price model, then this LCD iPhone 8 Plus LCD Screen Replacement is good for your mobile. It is useful for broken and damaged screens and provides sharp and crispy colours. In this model, you will not find any home button with a fingerprint sensor, which means you need to replace it with your old parts.

All the replacements ship after proper and professional testing to ensure quality. In this package, you will find a tool Kit with Tempered Glass that is very useful for repairing the screen. You can easily replace this screen replacement by following our guide.


  • Crispy colours
  • Tempered Glass
  • Tool Kit
  • Low price


  • Average Performance



Replacement Guide: How to replace iPhone 8 plus screen


Does your iPhone 8 plus screen give you a lot of trouble? Is it broken, or it’s not working anymore? You can repair or replace your iPhone 8’s screen with your own hands; all you need is the screen replacement and repair tools kit. We already review 5 best screen replacements for iPhone 8 plus that comes with tools. You can select according to your model and budget. You need to follow all these steps while changing the iPhone 8 plus screen.


1 – Remove pentalobe screws


  • After making sure your device is turned off, you can start by removing the two pentalobe screws at the base of your phone, right on either side of the charging door.
  • Make sure you don’t lose the screws by using the handy magnetic map of the project included in the iPhone 8 screen replacement kit.


2 – Lift the display


  • Use the suction cup included in the package to gently lift and remove the display.
  • Use the thin metal spatula by inserting it between the phone’s display and frame to help you lift the display.


3 – Detach the sticker to remove the screen


  • By being very careful, swipe with the spatula on all sides to break the sticker that holds the screen in place.
  • Just loosen the adhesive, be careful not to damage the plastic joints.
  • After lifting the screen, remove the sticker.


4 – Remove the four metal screws


  • Make sure you remember the match of each screw, remove the four screws that hold the metal cover.
  • Use the star screwdriver to remove them.


5 – Disconnect connectors


  • Underneath the metal cover, you will find connectors.
  • Remove them very gently using the plastic spudger.


6 – Remove the screw pair


  • Gently remove the highlighted pair of screws in the photo.
  • Use the magnetic map to not lose them.
  • Remove the metal cover.


7 – Remove the internal connector


  • Below the metal cover, you will find another connector.
  • Remove it using the plastic spudger.


8 – Remove tri-wing screws


  • Around the Home button, you’ll find four Y000 tri-wing screws.
  • Remove them using the screwdriver included in the package.
  • After removing them, lift and remove the metal cover.


9 – Disconnect the Home button connector


  • Underneath this metal roof, you will find a very important cable.
  • Disconnect it with extreme delicacy! If you damage it, your iPhone 8 Touch ID will no longer work.


10 – Remove the Home button


  • After carefully disconnecting the cable, remove it along with the Home button.
  • The latter should easily detach from the screen.


11 – Install the Home button on the new screen


  • Repeat the steps backwards to install the home button on the new screen.
  • Connect the Home button and its cable to the screen.


12 – Screw the coverage of the Home button


  • Repositions the metal cover removed in step 8.
  • Ensure it with its Y000 tri-wing screws.


13 – Reconnect the connector to the logic board


  • Relinks the connector in photos to the logic board.
  • Do not press too hard and connect it very gently.


14 – Ensures metal cover on top of the logic board connector


  • Repositions the metal cover removed in step 6.
  • Secure it with its screws using the screwdriver.


15 – Reconnect the latest connectors


  • Reconnect the latest connectors with great care.
  • Place the metal cover.


16 – Ensures metal cover above connectors


  • It secures the last metal cover by appropriately pairing each screw in its thread.
  • At this point, you will have fixed the metal cover.


17 – The Last Step


  • Install your new Giga Fixxoo screen for iPhone 8 in the metal frame of your phone.
  • Press the screen into place without leaving side openings.
  • Reposition and screw the two pentalobe screws that you removed at the beginning of the process.


These are 17 basic steps that you must follow while changing the iPhone 8 plus screen replacement.



I hope you completely understand about iPhone 8 plus screen replacement and also learn how to change iPhone 8 plus screen replacement. If you are still confused or looking for the best model, we will recommend you the Sundrawy iPhone 8 plus Screen Replacement because it is a value for money product. It provides sharp colours and screen results after replacing it. I hope you like this article; if you like this article, and then share it with those friends who are looking for iPhone 8 plus screen replacement.


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