Best iPhone 7 or 7 plus Replacement Screen to Buy 2020

Just dropped your iPhone 7/7 plus and the screen got cracked? we got you covered in this paragraph below you will discover the top best iPhone 7/7 plus replacement screen to buy.

Best iPhone 7 Screen Replacement to buy

This iPhone 7 screen is a pre-assembled kit that with w/Facing Proximity Sensor, Ear Speaker, Front Camera and Repair Tools, Black plate all you need to do is transfer your old home button to this new screen. According to the manufacturer the color and touch function are close to the original quality.


Best iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement to buy

This 7 plus Screen replacement is a full assembly with front camera, earpiece, repair tools kit, a free screen protector, this make the job much easier for you, according to some buyers on amazon this screen is very high quality and the color, touch accuracy is close to your old one. Don’t forget move your home button from your old cracked screen to this new one for finger print to work correctly.



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